Thursday, February 28, 2013

South Western New Brunswick's Top Athletes

A big congratulations goes out to Proto Strength & Conditioning athlete Chandler, who not only qualified for the short track speed skating national championships, he set yet another personal best this season (at least his third!) and made the provincial funding standard.  Sarah, who's been on the podium for every New Brunswick race this season and a few in Quebec also qualified for the nationals next week in Montreal.

Jarrett, after collecting his 6th shut out of the season (and they still only play him half the time!) was named to the all-star team.  His team mate Rylan, now fully recovered after a broken forearm early in the season, is back to scoring goals and has been invited to join the summer elite team.

In other news, Mike signed his commitment letter to Mount Alison University, and is making big gains by as he's training hard to get on the field for the Mounties this fall.